Blakesby Hats

Ripe for romantic nostalgia and rugged adventure.
Blakesby-made hats have been all around the globe, shipping worldwide. These hats have seen Australia, United States, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Belgium, and even Siberia. Blakesby can be found via his studio workshop in The Mill (Adelaide, South Australia), and limited stock is carried in Baxter & Black (Newtown/Sydney).


tra·​di·​tion·​al | \ trə-ˈdish-nəl
Following or conforming to tradition : adhering to past practices or established conventions


ad·​ven·​tur·​ous | \ əd-ˈven-ch(ə-)rəs
Disposed to seek adventure or to cope with the new and unknown


Showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit : standing out prominently

Ordering a Blakesby hat?

Each hat is handcrafted personally by Blakesby using high quality specialised tools and materials. We offer quality rabbit, beaver, and nutria fur felt options. We also use high quality and natural fibre trims such as ribbons, cords, threads, and other textiles are used as much as possible.
Rabbit felt hat – $600
Rabbit is a good starting point, and makes for a fine and rugged, long-lasting hat.
Nutria felt hat – $800
Nutria is similar to beaver in that it’s a fine, soft, water resistant fibre. Historically nutria was used around the 1910s-1920s as a substitute when beaver numbers dwindled, and has the benefit today of being the most sustainable felt option.
Beaver felt hat – $850
Beaver is the standard. A premium choice, as the fibre is naturally much finer and softer than rabbit, and also offers natural water resistance.

An initial deposit is required when ordering, with this amount varying based on materials chosen. The remaining balance plus shipping is due when the hat is complete. Payment in instalments is both welcome and typical. Prices are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD$).

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    About Blake

    Blake ‘Blakesby’ Canham-Bennett is a multi-award winning hatter (he is not a milliner), and one of the few in Australia reviving the traditional artform of men’s hat making.

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